The paranoia program committee 2019

This year’s conference program will offer a great mix of speakers, both from the Nordics and the rest of the world. The topics are both on entry and expert level, all aiming to offer insights which are otherwise difficult to obtain in your daily schedule says Erlend Andreas Gjære, member of the Paranoia 2019 Program Committee.

The Paranoia 2019 Program Committee is this year strengthened with an even broader variety of members, consisting of ICT and security experts from various industries within public and private sectors, such as research institutions, insurance companies, and industry associations. 

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As CEO and Co-Founder of the award-winning security software company Secure Practice, Erlend Andreas Gjære is a specialist in security and people and works to help people stay secure both at home and work. He gives regular security talks around Norway and was a speaker at last year’s PreParanoia Conference.

  • My goal is to engage and train people to become security resources, rather than weaknesses. While competent employees are important, I also believe security depends on implementing technological products and policies which altogether reduce friction between humans and machines.

Why should people attend this year’s event?

- Cyber security is really in the spotlight these days, and I know that many are striving to get proactive in their security efforts. Learning about new trends and meeting others who deal with the same challenges as you can be really inspiring, and helpful to push yourself ahead of the curve. I believe Paranoia is an important arena to reduce the skills gap in our industry, as it offers an opportunity to people that are new to the security community to connect and learn from others that are more experienced in the field.

In which way is Paranoia an important arena for highlighting cyber security challenges

- Paranoia brings together people who share and learn from each other, both in terms of security management and technical security aspects. This is really a learning cycle that goes both ways, and regardless of background, an event like Paranoia contributes to move our industry forward.

What do you look most forward to during Paranoia 2019

- Personally, I’m looking forward to meeting all the great people in the security community again. And of course, I’m very excited about this year’s conference program. I really hope to see you there!


Other Program Committee members include: 

Gaute Brynhildsen, Chief Audit Executive, Gjensidige 

Maria Bartnes, Research Director, SINTEF

Kjetil Thorvik Brun, Head of Tech and Digitalization, Abelia

Bente Lønnquist Busch, Director, IT Data & Insight, NAV

Visit the Paranoia 2019 website for more information.