Engaging and innovative cybersecurity learning platforms

The rise of digitalization throughout society introduces new attack vectors. For organizations, one of the key challenges is to ensure necessary competence to act on the rising amount of cyber security incidents. To address this concern, we have partnered with Circadence to offer you a flexible, fun and interactive platform for real-time cyber security training based on gamification.

Finding the time to send IT-staff away on cyber security training can be difficult, however building and retaining talent is highly important to growth. Circadence offers a skills and competence assessment tool, Project Ares, to engage candidates and professionals and enhance the screening, hiring, and retention processes.

The platform engages employees in realistic, mission-specific virtual environments using real-world tools, network activity and a comprehensive library of authentic threat scenarios. By combining AI with virtual machine orchestration, it converts real-time threat intelligence into missions, keeping training fresh, relevant and challenging through gamification. By solving tasks and missions, employees earn experience points and badges, including CPE points needed for maintaining certifications, such as CISSP.

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A key factor in preventing cyber security breaches is raising awareness and engaging with employees on a regular basis. By combining the insight and experience of our advisors with high-end professional end-user solutions for training, your workforce will be equipped to meet the challenges of the ongoing digitalization.

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