The platform for cybersecurity training and awareness, with simulation of phishing, sharing of e-learning and distribution of corporate policies and instructions.

Time to rethink your security culture training?

You build corporate security culture over time, and must follow up initiatives continuously. This can be both resource and time consuming, but it is important. At Watchcom we value the importance security culture has for the overall cyber security in an organization. We have therefore partnered with KnowBe4 to offer our customers a modern and flexible tool that helps facilitating security culture activities.

KnowBe4 is a platform for simulation of phishing, sharing of e-learning (quiz, games, video) and for distribution of e.g. corporate policies and instructions. KnowBe4 has clear and easy-to-use dashboards for real-time reporting on phishing, tools for controlling training progress and read documentation, as well as measuring the impact measurement of activities. This gives you unique insight into your company's security measures, and you can easily identify risk areas in need of further action. With this real-time and proactive approach to safety culture, the risk of employees being exploited in an attack on the business is reduced.

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Over 90% of all cyber-attacks start with a phishing email, and employees who have not received adequate training and awareness pose a significant risk as an entry point for attacks on company's data and critical systems.

KnowBe4 is already used globally with great success by thousands of businesses and over 4 million users. Surveys show that an average business using the platform can expect to reduce successful phishing attempts from 38% to 14% already after 3 months and to below 5% after 12 months.

The platform not only gives you the opportunity to continuously practice and measure safety awareness among employees, but it also streamlines and releases time so that the security organization can further contribute to securing the business.

To hear more about how Watchcom and KnowBe4 can strengthen your business and get a free demonstration of the platform, get in touch. Our advisors are ready to help further strengthen the security culture and contribute to achieving the company's goals for increased information security expertise. 

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